Area of Interest

Our research interests lie in the area of Behavioral Economics with various topics including:
[ Lying Behavior ]
[ Thoughts & Attitudes ]
[ Emotional Recognition ]
[ Emergence Behavior ]

Field of interest: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Published Paper

Trick for a treat: The effect of costume, identity, and peers on norm violations

Author: Shanshan Zhang, Matthew Gomies, Narek Bejanyan, Zhou Fang, Jason Justo, Li-Hsin Lin, Rainita Narender, and Joshua Tasoff.
Journal: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Volume 179, November 2020, Pages 460-474.
Los Angeles Times
The Scottish Mail on Sunday

Race and class patterns of income inequality during post-recession periods

Author: Giacomo Di Pasquale, Matthew Gomies, and Javier Rodriguez.
Journal: Social Science Quarterly, Volume 102, Issue 6, November 2021, Pages 2812-2823.

Working Papers

Do Civilian Complaints Against Police Get Punished? (Review & Resubmit)
Author: Gregory DeAngelo, Matthew Gomies, and Rustam Romaniuc.

Hopes and Fears: Narratives, Attitudes and Behaviors toward the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author: Monica Capra, Matthew Gomies, and Shanshan Zhang.

The Sound of Cooperation and Deception in High Stakes Interactions
Author: Monica Capra, Matthew Gomies, and Shanshan Zhang.

(When) Would you lie to a voicebot?
Author: Monica Capra, Matthew Gomies, and Shanshan Zhang.

Thoughts and Wellbeing: How Thinking Process Affects Subjective Wellbeing (Work in progress)
Author: Joshua Tasoff, Shanshan Zhang, and Zhou Fang.

The Effect of Motivated Beliefs on the Demand for Information About Meat (Work in progress)
Author: Monica Capra, Seong-Gyu Park, Joshua Tasoff, Jin Xu, and Shanshan Zhang.